Africa Fulani Group Commends Ganduje For Raising Committee On RUGA Settlement

Posted by:Abubakar Dundu

I An amalgamation of all Fulani groups in Africa under the aegis of African Fulani for Peace and Development (AFPAD), praises governor Abullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state over his preparedness to embark on RUGA settlement project, with the view to catering for the welfare and wellbeing of the Fulani community in Kano state, and in Nigeria by extension.

In a letter emailed to the governor, dated Friday, July 19th, 2019, addressed to the governor with reference number AFR/FUL/III/19000/Z, barely a day after he inaugurated RUGA Settlement Committee, the group commends Ganduje's courage, commitment and seriousness in addressing the long standing issue surrounding national security as well as food security.

The letter that was signed by Ardo Cisse Malomea, who is the Grand President of the platform, says the inauguration of the RUGA Committee by Ganduje " a clear indication that the governor feels Nigeria at heart. This singular act sends hope to the Fulani communities across Nigeria and Africa in general that Kano means very well for Fulani."

It reads "Kano state takes a leading position in setting pace for developing all communities in the state and in the country. Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje is indeed an exemplary leader, who is focused and determined to bring development to his people irrespective of social status."

According to the letter, "The way and manner Ganduje takes up this matter by way of changing the approach of the cattle rearing industry, from socio-cultural to socio-economic, with vast economic opportunities, is highly commendable and exemplary. Which calls for replicating by other states, particularly Northern states of Nigeria."

This group notes with all sense of responsibility and concern, Kano government's concern over how Fulani women milk industry would be modernised and opportunities opened through another modern marketing system.

It could be recalled that, part of the Terms of Reference given to the 16-member committee for RUGA project was to look for appropriate areas among the forests in Kano and see which could best fit for RUGA settlement.

"We learned also that  women selling cow milk without a modern touch, they would be provided with special areas designed purposely for that business. That, in itself is a great booster for Fulani women development. We salute the governor for being gender sensitive under this new initiative," reads the letter.

After mentioning some specific areas where Ganduje's intervention gives suggestive concern, the letter appreciates that, another area under the Terms of Reference, which attracts attention according to the Fulani group letter is "...when we heard and read that, governor Ganduje asks the committee to consider the kind of social services to be provided to RUGA settlement area. 

The group was delighted by the  typology of herdsmen being postulated by governor Ganduje, indicating that it was enough an understanding to hasten the process of finding lasting solution to the matter at hand.

During the inauguration of the committee, the Kano state governor said there were three types of herdsmen in Nigeria, those who settle within their households with their cattle without moving from one area to another. The second category he said were those who travel from Northern Nigeria to South when rainy season is over.

While the third category, according to Ganduje were those who come from other neighbouring countries and stay in the North during rainy season. When rainy season goes, they then travel to Southern part of the country.

The letter reads "Not only other state governments, we urge federal government of Nigeria to copy from Kano state in this area of RUGA settlement project."

Abba Anwar
Chief Press Secretary to the Kano State Governor