Maulud: Ganduje enjoins muslim to emulate virtues of phophet Muhammad

Posted by:Abubakar Dundu

   Kano  State Governor, Dr.  Abdullahi  Umar  Ganduje,   has  called  on  the   Muslim Ummah to emulate the good qualities and adhere to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad in their daily affairs for personal and general wellbeing of the society as they celebrate the Eid Maulud. 

Governor Ganduje admonished that the Maulud period, during which the birth of Prophet Muhammad is celebrated, should not only be used to remember and reflect on his good virtues and teachings, but also be emulated and practiced in daily affairs and dealings with fellow human beings.   

“Practicing the Prophet’s qualities of compassion, fairness, justice, honesty, self-discipline, tolerance, hard work, perseverance and devotion in all our dealings is the only solution for overcoming our personal and collective problems”. 

He also urged Muslims to use the period to pray fervently for peace, security and rapid socio-economic development of the state and the country in general. 

Governor Ganduje then reiterated his administration’s commitment to continue to   execute   meaningful   programmes,   projects   and   policies   that   will   further improve the wellbeing of the people and general development of the state.

Commissioner of Information
Kano State