Do not politicized issues of free Education - Gawuna advises people.

Posted by:Abubakar Dundu

Kano State Deputy Governor Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna has advised people in the State not politicize the issue of free and compulsory basic and secondary education introduced by the administration of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

Dr. Gawuna gave the advice while making a closing remarks at the end of a two-day Kano State Education Summit 2019 titled " Exploring the fundamentals of free and compulsory basic and secondary education in the State " held at the Coronation Hall, Government House. 

" I want to seize this opportunity to send the word of caution especially to our politicians because the experts have already spoken on the technicality and mode of operation of the free and compulsory education.

" I am going to talk about the political aspect which at the pronouncement of this important policy by His Excellency the Governor, he warned everybody to avoid politicizing the Programme " he said. 

The Deputy Governor clarified that the issue of free and compulsory basic and secondary education is not about politics rather it is about the people of Kano State in respective of any political differences.

He diclosed that some Critics had been challenging on different occasions, the issues about government policies particularly on Education and today Dr. Abdullahi Umar makes a remarkable history by introducing one of the gigantic programme on Education. 

" Whoever wants to see Kano moves to the next level, has to commend this programme no matter what and has to contribute to the success of this because is not the Governor that you are supporting alone but the progress of the State and it's people in general " Gawuna stated.

While commenting on the issues raised by different Presenters and Discussants at the Summit, Gawuna upholds the views that the issue of Schools -Based Management Committees (SBMC) has to be strengthened and expanded to involve women, which according to him, would create room for the Programme acceptance by the Community. 

On the need to replicate the Summit to the Local Government level and even to the much lower level, the Deputy Governor assured the Participants that the point is worthy of noting and the administration of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje would do every thing possible to enlighten people on how the Programme is going to be implemented. 

Gawuna added " One of the Discussants has made a very valid point that we should try to create confidence among the people with regard to this programme which I am sure, Your Excellency, that is what you have been doing "

 " This government is going to take adequate steps that prioritize confidence of our people on the Programme to ensure its success " he maintained. 

He further expressed delights to be part of the  Ganduje's administration as Deputy Governor and to be part of the historic policy on education which he said for many years, since the creation of Kano, had not been achieved until this time.

During the two-day Summit, Papers Presenters , Discussants and Speakers had contributed greatly towards the successful implementation of the free and compulsory basic and secondary education in Kano.

Hassan Musa Fagge
Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor 
Kano State