Ganduje Partners With North West Governors To Improve Zonal, National Security

Posted by:Abubakar Dundu

Disturbed by the lingering security challenges in North West zone, governors of the seven states from the zone attended a security summit, similar to the one held few months back in Karaye Emirate of Kano state, with the view to finding lasting solutions to the security challenges engulfing the states.

The summit was a larger version of Kano model, as it brought together all governors of the seven states in the zone, the Inspector General of Police Muhammad Adamu, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Operations,  Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone One, Kano, all seven Commissioners of Police, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association and other critical stakeholders.

Katsina state governor Aminu Bello Masari hosted the governors and other stakeholders at Government House, Katsina. While the meeting was convened by the Inspector General of Police. Apart from the seven governors, the governor of Niger state sent representative, from the North Central. 

As the Kano strategic security summit, which included non-security actors, the Katsina Summit also brought together members of Vigilante groups and former bandits, (unlike in Kano, which had cattle rustlers) and repented cattle rustlers.

Ganduje commended the Summit while speaking to journalists and described it as all-important exercise, that discussed thoroughly about the issues at stake. Which he was optimistic that all resolutions reached would be implemented.

While maintaining his stance that movement of herdsmen from one place to another should be stopped, for overturning the long held cultural traits of traditional rearing to become socio-economic practice with the aim of boosting their (Fulani) economy and that of the country as a whole, he opined that they should go with the present day realities. 

That as part of the long term plan " I see it, is to suggest and come to a reality that, the issue of herdsmen moving from one place to another is no more attainable now. While it is more of a socio-cultural issue, we need to make it a socio-economic issue."

Adding that, "They should be settled in one place, so as to provide them with education, health care services, security, commercial activities and other social services for their wellbeing. It is through that they can be able to rear their cattle in a modern way. Where they will also have modern way of processing their milk and so on."

A few year back Ganduje succeeded in causing the repentance of many cattle rustlers who were terrorising Fulani herdsmen in Falgore Forest and its surroundings. After accepting and integrating them into the larger society he empowered them. And since then, cattle rustling became a thing of the past in Kano.

An a governor of the most populous state in the country, who understands the governance in relation to security bottlenecks, he went to the Katsina Summit with many experiences to share with his colleagues on ways to follow with a view to finding lasting solutions.

He discused with the media men after the meeting that, "We have medium and long term plans to overcome this security challenge plaguing our Zone, the North West."

Another aspect that makes governor Ganduje to be a critical stakeholder in this process is, his ability to make good use of community policing in the state. He believes that working hand in hand with communities in the area of security is not only vital, but necessary for proper growth and development of the society. 

"In Kano, apart from the good synergy between our security agencies, all security agencies are getting good and patriotic cooperation from members of the public. We tried our best to let people know and understand that security of our lives and properties concerns all and sundry," he highlighted.