Kano State Government Partners Police To Secure Kano Through High-Tech, Modern ICT

Posted by:Abba Anwar

Impressed by the security situation in Kano state in recent times, the government of Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje reinforces partnership with the Nigeria Police Force by way of establishing Advance Control Room, with modern, state of the art and high-tech facilities through which criminal activities could be curtailed to barest minimal level.

Inspecting the facility, Friday, at Kano Command Headquarters, Bompai, Kano, governor Ganduje assured the Police and other security agencies of his regime's commitment to make Kano safest state in the country.

He said "This project is aimed at reducing criminal activities in the state. I am elated by the progress of the work. And we are ready to do all that it takes to secure our state, which ultimately means securing the nation as a whole, by contributing our part."

He commended the effective use of wisdom and other security techniques by the security agencies in the state. He reveals an Award the state got recently, for being the most secured state amongst the 19 Northern states. An event that took place at the National Defence College, Abuja, recently.

Ganduje also commends the good working relationship between security agencies in the state, emphasising that, "What we have in the state is a workable synergy between our security agencies. With the cooperation of the citizens. We, at the government level, are elated and encouraged with this development."

Assuring that, prayers are another critical and important aspect where all the synergy becomes possible and workable. Through that,  he said, "Professionalism comes in with strong and unwavering use of laid down procedures to achieving expected result. Which is peaceful environment for peaceful interaction between all."

The Control Room, according to the Consultant handling the project, Engineer Aminu Miko, could, when completed, take care of continuous surveillance of the state as wide as 230km radius, with all precision.

"Kano can connect to other neighbouring states, security wise, in an effort to secure the society. That synergy between different states, can, on its own curtail so many criminal activities," he said.

"While at the same time, other security agencies can hooked up with the state-of-the-art control room for effective, efficient and result-orinted mechanism, the facility can at the same time tight many loosed-ends in the security situation ( because of lack of modern gadgets) of the state, in particular and the nation in general," Miko discloses.

He expressed his satisfaction that, by way of monitoring the good work of all the police stations in the state, the facility would help in creating a platform that could be used for quick and easy connectivity to all the stations in all the nooks and crannies.

The high-tech facility has many areas of operations, ranging from providing more spaces for highly professional intelligence gathering, to proper and effective counter criminal activities in the state and even giving a helping hand to all the peace loving population to coexist harmoniously among themselves.

Anwar is the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Kano State.