Kano State Bureau for Land Management

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Kano State Bureau for Land Management is the institution vested with the authority of land administration in Kano State. It is an offshoot of Kano provisional land office which went through series of transformations. In 1964, it was a division under the Ministry of Lands empowered to approve applications for consent in cases of assignments, mortgages and sub-leases as well as sign certificates of occupancy. In July 1999 it attained the status of Ministry of Land and Physical Planning. In the month of June, 2017 approval was granted by His Excellency the Executive Governor for the integration/merger of the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning with Kano Geographic Information System (KANGIS) for the establishment of the Kano State Bureau for Land Management.

A state where every citizen has the opportunity to access and own land in a planned environment.
To ensure a sustainable land administration for the benefit of the general public in the state in accordance with the various acts and edicts.
Equity – We treat everyone the same, by being fair and impartial; Transparency – being open and honest in all our dealings; Integrity – we always do the right thing, operating within the limit and spirit of the law; Accountability - we take responsibility for our actions and deliver what is agreed upon; Professionalism - we will adhere to high standards at all times, providing quality service.

The Bureau’s core mandate is to strengthen land administration, acquire, prepare, allocate and register all land transactions as well as the physical planning of non-urban centres in the state. It also provides the following services: Land acquisition, Compensation, Land allocation, Processing of Certificates of Occupancy for production and collection, Registration of land transaction, Change of land use purpose, Sub-division and private layout, Merger of land titles, Renewal of land ownership (Re-grant), Provision of search reports on request, Conversion of land titles, Non-urban services (planning recommendation, building plan approval), Geographical information services, Project management of metropolitan and other Urban Roads and Conflict management and arbitration (Land).

Administration and General Services, Planning, Research and Statistics, Cadastral, Deeds, Disputes, Complaints, Investigation and Verification, Land, Physical Planning, Survey, Geographic Information System, Systematic Land Titling Registration, Information and Communication Technology and Legal.

The Bureau through this service charter commits to the following principles:

To recognize the equality of all clients and stakeholders before the law and strive to ensure that it does not discriminate against individuals or groups based on gender, social or financial status, religion, ethnicity or political convictions in the process of land administration.

Services will be provided in strict compliance with the law and gives ssurances that administrative decision such as land allocation or physical planning will be taken in conformity with existing regulations and in a transparent manner.

Encourage the active participation of the general public in its service delivery through consultation forums, regular sensitization and awareness campaigns on rights and obligations of all clients and the general public.