Ministry of Information & Internal Affairs

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Ministry of Information and Internal Affairs is the chief image-maker of Kano State Government. Its functions include: Liaising with all Federal Government Paramilitary Agencies; Collection, storage and publication of data on the State for the purposes of planning and records; Generation and monitoring of public response/reaction (feedback) through various media on government policies, programmes and activities and gives an appropriate response; Coordinating the activities of Information Officers attached to Local Governments and MDAs in the State.

The key services of the Ministry include: Public Enlightenment and Awareness; Sensitization and mobilization of members of the public on government programmes and policies through production and airing of Radio, Television programmes and IEC materials (Documentaries, Jingles, Mobile Cinema show, posters, stickers, banners, handbills, flyers, pamphlets, among others); Publication of official State Diaries, Calendars, Almanac Media Events (Press briefings/conferences, media tour); Publications of weekly newsletters, monthly magazines, speeches, periodical achievements and official reports; Production and distribution of official portrait of the state Governor, public events pictures and photographs; Production and sale of national flags and state emblem; Placement of official advertorials (condolences/congratulatory messages and public service announcements, rejoinders) in newspapers and magazines; Provision/hire of Public Address vans for public/private functions; Posting of Information Officers, Cameramen and Photographers to LGAs and MDAs; Registration of expatriate cultural organizations, processing of citizenship applications.

To be the leading public information dissemination organ in Nigeria.
To vigorously pursue integrated, harmonized and purpose-oriented information management strategy that will facilitate free flow of accurate, factual, and balanced   information between the Government and the citizenry based on the principles of Freedom of Information, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Press without prejudice to such issues as national security, individual right to privacy as contained in the constitution and law of Kano State. 
  • Integrity

We are committed to discharging our responsibilities with a high sense of responsibility, honesty, decency and respect for our clients and laid down rules and regulations. 

  • Accuracy

Provision of accurate and factual information on all issues is a public right to which we are genuinely committed to ensuring in all our undertakings. 

  • Reliability

We are strongly committed to fulfilling our obligations, pledges and promises for the full satisfaction of clients.

  • Professionalism

We are committed to the delivery of high standard services guided by ethical principles and professional guidelines.

  • Transparency

We are committed to delivering services to our clients with openness, honesty, the sincerity of purpose as according to the dictates of our guiding principles.

  • Serve as the Chief Spokesperson and image-maker of the State Government.
  • Ensure Public Enlightenment and Sensitization on issues of Public Importance 
  • Formulate and Implement Government Policies on Information 

  • Administration & General Services
  • Planning, Research & Statistics
  • Information
  • Public Enlightenment
  • Internal Affairs

  • Kano State Radio Corporation
  • Abubakar Rimi Television Corporation (ARTV)
  • Triumph Publishing Company
  • Government Printing Press  
  • Kano State Censorship Board

We are committed to making a positive difference by providing the citizenry with accurate, reliable and timely information. In our quest to positively project the image and create awareness on Government policies and programmes for sustainable development, we will;

  • Provide accurate, reliable and timely information to the general public on government policies, programmes and activities;
  • Be non-discriminatory by providing equal opportunity for citizens to have access to public information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.  
  • Ensure that our public enlightenment or awareness programmes cover all user groups irrespective of gender, ethnicity or social status including the disadvantaged groups such as women, physically challenged and the illiterate
  • Offer honest and candid suggestions at any forum for the protection and promotion of the interest and development of the state as well as improvement of the welfare of its citizens;
  • Always be professional in the conduct/discharge of our duties as well as ethical in accordance with the public service rules and regulations.