Ministry of Information, Youth, Sports & Culture

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The Ministry was established in 1968, initially as Ministry of Information, and had later at various instances been merged with other departments such as Home Affairs, Social Welfare, Cultural Affairs, Youth Development and Sports. Currently, by its mandate in broader terms, the Ministry is the chief spokesperson and image-maker of the state government. It serves as information, publicity, mobilization and enlightenment organ on government programmes and policies; manages internal affairs; coordinates and supervises cultural activities.

    Commissioner: Muhammadu Garba

    Permanent Secretary: xxxxx
  • Address: Audu Bako Secretariat, Iyaka Road Kano
  • Phone: 080xxxxxxx
  • Email:

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Donec adipiscing, mauris vitae consequat fermentum, mi neque iaculis sem, ac molestie metus arcu sit amet tellus.

Formulating and implementing the state government policy on information.

Serving as mouthpiece and image maker of the government.

Public enlightenment and sensitization on issues of public importance.

Preserving and promoting indigenous cultural practices and activities. 

Coordinating all Internal Affairs activities

Dissemination of information for publicity, sensitization and mobilization on government programmes and policies through:

Publications, press briefings, radio & TV programmes, documentaries, mobile cinema show and IEC materials;

Monitoring media contents and responding to negative ones as and when deemed appropriate;

Posting of PROs to MDAs;

Posting of L.G. Information Officers to LGAs;

Overseeing and coordinating the activities of nine parastatals under the supervision of the Ministry.

Liaison with all FG paramilitary agencies.

Coordinating and handling issues of citizenship and naturalization.

Collating, storing and publishing data and information on virtually all aspects about Kano for the purpose of posterity and planning.

Information Department: As the key Department in the Ministry, it serves as the image maker as well as advises the government on issues and policies that relate to information and the media.

Public Enlightenment Department: The Department was created from the Information Department in 2008 to boost efficiency and effectiveness in the business of information dissemination. It coordinates the activities of Local Government Information, Radio, Television, Graphics, Public Enlightenment and Technical Units in the Ministry.

Internal Affairs Department: In charger of liaison with paramilitary outfits in the State; Coordinating the activities of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, Coordinating and recommending issues of citizenship and naturalization for conferment to deserving applicants by the Federal Government; and Coordinating the celebration of National Day Anniversary.

Planning, Research and Statistics Department: Coordinates the planning, implementation and monitoring of the Ministry’s annual budget; Coordinates and undertakes the documentation of the activities and achievements of government for the purpose of planning and posterity; Collect, collate and store data on anything about Kano and make same available to those in need and for public consumption;Coordinates and organize training and retraining of staff for improved performance.

Administration and General Services Department: The Department handles all aspects of general administration, staff matters and finances.

Kano State Radio Corporation

Abubakar Rimi Television Corporation

Triumph Publishing Company

Government Printing Press

Kano  State History and Culture Bureau

Directorate of Youth Development and Economic Empowerment

Kano State Film Censorship Board